Hunt for magic

Hunt for magic is a game we are developing for Ticorporate VIII. The game will have first-person rogulike gamestyle.
To beat the game player will start attempts to through rooms that are filled with enemies. These attempts are called “runs”. Goal of the game is to defeat all enemies and in the final room beat the boss. If the player dies at any point during a run, they will be sent back to the start. Player will find various upgrades during a run that make them stronger, these upgrades will only last for the current run.

In Hunt for magic you will be a wizard , so instead of attacking with swords and bows, you will be using many elemental spells to beat your enemies.Most of these spells can also be used together, dealing more damage and making special effects. All of the spells will have a cooldowns, so you will not be able to just use them repeatedly
You will need to use your resources wisely to get the most out of your spells

Our Ticorporate Team

  • Tomi Asikainen, JAMK –  Product owner + Content production
  • Eetu Pitkänen, JAMK – Scrum master + Content production
  • Niko Hokkanen, JAMK – Tester + Developer
  • Arttu Rintamäki, JAMK – Business
  • Ville-Veikko Taskinen, JAMK – Contet Production
  • Riku Juvonen, Gradia – Developer
  • Arttu Pylkkö, Gradia – Developer